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Talkback: New year welcome

Sandra, I've always brought my Fuchsia 'Thalia' under cover for winter to provide frost protection. I do not believe this variety, one of the triphylla types, would be fully hardy. I'd recommend bringing it into a sheltered greenhouse, conservatory or even a bedroom windowsill. Water very little, just keeping the compost from going bone dry. Their leaves may fall, but water more when conditions warm up in spring and you'll get new growth, and can prune back any dead shoot tips.


  • I don't know why the birds don't eat it because they normally eat seeds. It's strange!
  • please can anyone help!, this house has been built on a bend, the front garden is uneven and slopes,being unable to apply myself to the care(handicapped)) could you advice how to keep it nice with hardy perennial ground cover,soil is poor and coastal
  • im loving my new look veg patch in my front garden but need advice on raising tomatoes beetroot and parsnips from seed
  • Michael, do search our web site for more information on these, and of course check Gardeners' World Magazine every month, especially my What To Do Now pages. Along with the free tomato seeds with teh March 2009 issue you'll find practical step-by-step advice on how to sow tomatoes.
  • Can you advise on a small bush for a very dry spot
  • I have an Iris like this too and always wondered why the birds never took the seeds. Now I know why. I wonder if you could help me, I have two Fusia Thalia bought last year as small shrubs. They grew very well and have been re-potted into large containers. I have seen them grown in garden borders and overwintered in position ok, but mine,in pots, are not doing so well. The leaves are dying back like a tender fusia. I hope you can enlighten me
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