bind weed and brambles!!

hi, we just recently brought a house in devon at the end of summer and have tried to get under control the years of weeds that have taken over but after the rains and warmer weather coming back now it seems its getting out of control again, we both work full time am I just wasting time or will I get it under control if I can get out a few hours a week, its quite a large garden and its starting to put me off (don't know where to start) we both just hit 30 so am very new to gardening, any help hints or tips would be greatly appreciated

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  • brambles aren't too difficult to dig out with a decent spade, spray any re growth or seedlings.

    as for bindweed, what worked for us was digging out the roots (2 wheelbarrows full in a bed 2x2m!) but you need to try and get every last bit (we emptied/refilled the bed). we also untwined and scrunched any growth and left it soaking in a pot of weed killer, which sent it down to the roots and killed off the plant within a few weeks.

  • ok thanks, looks like ill be busy over the coming months then image ohh the joys of having a garden image


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    Verdun Dont take this the wrong way you are great at giving people advice but i havent found anyone asking you what do you enjoy growing in your garden & what are you growing in your garden this year image

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    Verdun has been a regular member of this forum for quite a while now and many of us have seen pictures of his incredibly beautiful garden image  

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

  • well hopefully with a bit of help from many hands I will be able to post some lovely pics when I finally get the garden looking a lil tidier, when we viewed back in the spring there were a handful of fruit trees in blossom it was absolutely stunning, it was love at first sight image


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    Verdun i hope you got it all of your chest Hee Hee image what do you call an average sized garden i would have to go round a few neighbours and ask could i buy there gardens Ha HA good on you image, u have a passion and knowledge that we can all tap in to image it must be back breaking work looking after everything i have a small garden thank godimage  i like the part that you would rather seek out other varieties that are not in garden centers who wants to grow what everyone else is growing good on you and good luck to your back image

  • yes sounds a lot of hard work  I bet it looks amazing, my previous outdoor space consisted of a few pots with bulbs in, I struggle to grow anything from seed, so I prefer plants where they will look after them selves with little help, 

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    Hi, nellie,

    Just to add...know your weeds. When digging out bindweed it has white pencil wide roots.

    Brambles if you dig out the crown... you are half way there to gettting rid of it...both bindweed and brambles will grow back but if dug out when they are tiny come up easily.


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