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current tomatoes

ninnin Posts: 216

last year i grew some currant tomatoes , the tomatoes are the size of peas and so sweet. I cannot understand why they are not the most popular tomato ever. They are indeterminate and just trail down from the pot and down the wall each plant gives you hundreds of tomatoes. I was giving away bowls of these. This year everybody that tasted them wants me to grow them some plants,even a few non gardeners.

I am growing red and yellow this year, has anyone else grown these ?



  • Not seen or heard of these before, but I think I will be getting myself some seeds.  image

  • Judith 5Judith 5 Posts: 108

    I've grown these for the last couple of years. I got the seeds free from a promotion in the Telegraph. Very pretty in a salad, they look good on the plants too and were quite vigorous. I think they were called Sweet Pea tomatoes.

  • I tried a new variety last year (1st saw them in the Telegraph) they are called 'Sweet Aperitif.' Bought the seed from Thompson & Morgan and they did very well & were (as the ad said) very sweet and delicious. Slightly bigger than a currant they grow to about the size of a medium cherry.

  • ninnin Posts: 216

    I found them on ebay from one of the big ebay sellers. My husband loves peanuts and can easily devour a bowl he took to eating bowls of current toms last summer far better for him,

    John the current toms make sweet aperitif look like a large tom they really are like peas or currents. and you can get 50 plus on a trus which is no more than a large handful of toms.

  • I think I'll give them a try: goodness knows where I'll put them though, I've already got mor seeds/ potential plants than I've got space to put them unless I pinch some of Eileen's flower garden & I could do with staying alive a little longer!!!
  • ninnin Posts: 216

    John I did these last year in a hanging basket which was stunning . I also did window boxes and large pots on the wall, these can trail upto 3 foot long if let to run downwards.

  • Right, I think I'll give 'em a go on some hanging baskets & hang 'em on the trellis by the patio. I got some seeds from eBay (100 seeds for 99p + 44p post & packing). I noted that a lot of suppliers quote about 99p with free p&p but when you get to the check out they tell you p&p is only free if you are spending upwards of 50 GBP (some 70+ GBP!). it may be just my iPhone but when I type the pounds symbol it puts up question marks!!! - charges in some cases were 7.99 p&p to post a small packet of seeds. I just click on remove from basket when I see those sort of exorbitant charges!.

    I bought mine from Premier Seeds Direct in Wilton , Wilts email: [email protected]

    Their service was exemplary, the seeds arriving within 48 hours of placing the order. Their web address is for anyone who is interested.
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