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Blind Bulbs.

Will Bulbs that have in previous years flowered well but have subsequently failed to flower always remain blind ? I have some in pots that have behaved this way and others that have continued to flower. i am wondering whether it is worth re~ planting them in the garden or should they be thrown away. What do you think ?


  • What sort of bulbs, butterfly6?  All bulbs only flower when they have built themselves up enough, so your problem may be lack of nutrients, especially if they have been in the same soil in the pot for sevral years.  Lack of watering when the flowers have bloomed can also be an issue - they need feeding and watering after flowering until the leaves die down naturally, as it is those leaves which build the bulb up for the next year.

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  • Have they been fed and watered after the flowers have gone and allowed to die down naturally, and then repotted in fresh compost in the autumn?  That's what bulbs in pots need in order to flower again the following year.  image

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  • Yes I have done all that and yes they are daffs. Could it be because they are several years old ?

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