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New Allotment

Hello everyone,


Last weekend I finally got my allotment after 4 years on the waiting list...

Its a fixer uper at the moment so i've got some work to do before planting but what I want to ask is does anyone have any advice, suggestions on planting or just tails to tell about their experiences down the allotment. 







  • Congratulations! 


    If if you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, have a look see through this thread- loads of allotmenters post on there image 


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,212

    You might want to join the 'New allotment OMG'... thread, we all started somewhere and there are posters still waiting for plots.

    Yours looks like an Aladin's cave with lots of treasures image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,212

    Looks like we posted together Fcimage

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Well after you've cleared it you'll need to see what the soil is like. It probably won't be that bad underneath, have a look at the other allotments to see what the soil is like and ask the other other allotment holders for advice, they are the best people to ask as they will be growing on it already. They'll be helpful, most are, see what they do and what works for them. None of here know what goes on on surrounding plots, the basics of digging, preparing, feeding, sowing and planting we can tell you about, some will wax lyrical, so cherry pick any advice and combine it with what you can learn from those surrounding you. Looking at it, start now and break the back of it while you can, by mid March you could be sowing your first seed. Good luck!

  • Victoria that is brilliant do you have a whole plot or half, do bit by bit and don't rush to make it all how you want it

    And lots of pics so you can see how much you have achieved and for us to see 

    join us on


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  • You can ask the other allotment holders for advice which is a good sugestion as long as you don't have a neighbour like mine, when I asked him about growing carrots he said that the ground was too shallow and that he had never been able to grow any, undeterred I carried on and grew perfectly good carrots despite his advice.

  • NickhNickh Posts: 2

    I agree with gardengirl - " bit by bit and don't rush to make it all how you want it".

    When I've got a new plot I've spent time digging out couch, brambles, ground ivy, bindweed etc, clearing it as thoroughly as possible to cut back on needing to do this repeatedly. On one plot the neighbouring plots had also been re-let, some of the neighbours laughed at how long it was taking me, several years down the road I've got minimal rooting out of these unwanted invaders, some of them are still digging it out regularly.

    This plot is on a slope and I wanted to terrace some of it to keep the beds flat and to make access easy, avoiding the need to walk on the growing areas. It took time but I think it was well worthwhile in the long run. Though if you look around the site you'll see that there are many ways to achieve an end, we each have our own preferences.

    To motivate myself I cleared a small area and planted potatoes and a few other plants that would be easy to grow, so as I could see the results, as a carrot  to motivate more clearing. If you do similar now you should be able to enjoy new potatoes a few months later.

    The advice about seeing what others grow successfully, and how they do it, is sound. Most people tend to be friendly on the sites I've been on, most have been in the same boat as a newcomer at some point and will likely be happy to help with suggestions.

  • Nickh that is not nice of them to laugh at you were doing a it properly and gained the best of the weeds staying away

    That most plot holders are friendly that is because you all have a conmen ground enjoying gardening  which is brill

    Hampshire Gardener
  • I got mine last week and it's got old but serviceable shed !image and it's been dug over and ready to  ,grow ,sow, so it's hi hoe and off we go ,                                                    DD


  • We got ours yesterday but picking up the keys tomorrow, Derbyduck we have shed but not as lucky as you as ours need completely digging over.

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