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Hi Everyone

I cant realy afford trellis and want to train the following:

Sweet pea up side of shed

Clematis up back of shed

Pyrocanthia up fence

I have been told i can use vine eyes, but what size would i need for the above?



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    They tend to be a standard size but buy the sturdiest ones you can find.   Position them along your wall of fence leaving 12 to 18 inches between horizontal rows and use tensioning fasterners at the ends to tauten the wires and stop them drooping under the weight.  If done properly it should last years.

    You need the wires to be hedl at least one inch, and preferably 2 away from the supporting structure to allow air to circulate behind the growing plants and thus reduce diseases such as mildew.

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  • You might find that buying vine eyes, tension fasteners and wires is as much as the tellis  - so check first as it's easy not to realise until you've got to the till or after the event (voice of experience there!).

    Pyracantha shouldn't need anything to support it. They usually come on a cane, lean this towards the fence and you should be able to let the plant do the rest.

    Sweet peas are fairly light so can be supported on pea netting or using string. Advantage of latter is that when the seasons over you can just cut it all down saving you untangling and pulling dead bits off a more permanent structure.

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    Vine eye's are normally three inches long plus one and a half inches of thread and come in packs, the wire comes in rolls together can be expensive.
    A pack of six inch nails or screws can come much cheaper, nails or screws into fence poles and screws into plugs in brick walls. Twine stretched over the nails/screws will support sweet-peas, the green wire from garden shops will support Clematis and Pyracantha as Crissie says will not need support.
    I have used all the above and find they do the job, twine will last a year the green wire lasts two or three and the vine eye's supporting my Paul's scarlet rose on the wall have lasted 23 years. It is easy to cut the strings on sweetpeas roll it all up and bin it.


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    Thanks for comments! I'm new so good advice is what I need before i spend money I don't need to image
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