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Bought a Allotment. Any tips!

imageCan you start growing any plants or seeds in wet muddy soil now? Can anyone help!! 


  • Hi pamela image

    In a, sorry. Just wait a few weeks for seed sowing if you have somewhere undercover like a green house, you can start some veggies of in cells or whatever you fancy around the beggining of march.

    Something you can do now while its muddy and orrible is figure out where you want your paths, then lay whatever you have access too, even if its one path straight down the middle, but much better in the long run if you divide it into beds image

    You still have time to get some muck on the beds if its needed, you might have to dig it in/ double dig as it probably wont have enough time to work as a mulch.

    You can plant bare root fruit canes and plants, the pound shops/ discount stores are full of them right now, you will have to find out of you are allowed fruit trees, but they can be planted now too image
  • Hello Bekkie

    Thank you for your help. I'll take your advice and shop around for some bare root fruit canes and plants plus work on the areas where I'm planning to plant and sow seeds on the plot and greenhouse. image

  • Have a look in aldi for bare root fruit canes- I got some a couple of weeks ago. They had trees last week too so is worth a look to see if they still have any 

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