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How do you cut back hydrangeas so they will flower again this year??


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,009

    Depends which variety you have as some flower on old wood - mop heads and lace caps - and some, such as paniculata forms, flower on new wood.

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  • Thank you, it is just the old original one! 


  • Janet  2Janet 2 Posts: 114
    Going off at a tangent slightly. When do you take hydrangea cuttings? My friend has a big one in her garden and has promised me a cutting but when do we do them?
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 792
    I've always taken cuttings in summer, new growth about 4 inches long. Standard method ie say three to a 4 inch pot, half all purpose compost half grit. Keep just moist in a poly bag in a bright place but no direct sunlight....pot on when for me.
  • Janet  2Janet 2 Posts: 114
    Many thanks,we shall try that
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