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Raspberry mystery....



  • I normally am very good at keeping labels so I know what's what but I guess the guy I inherited my plot from wasn't so image

  • Lovely. Thanks Verdun image


  • oooh i am confused....i bought summer and autumn fruiting raspberries on little tiny stems last year and repotted them and left them to grow in my greenhouse....then after reading last autumn that i should prune them now i cut them back in november, then planted them out in february. I cant remember which ones were which now and if i should have left pruning the summer fruiting ones(even though i had no fruit last yr they were too young) please help!!

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    As mentioned above, Sharon, it's only the autumn ones that are cut down now.  Summer ones are done by cutting out the canes that have just fruited.  In both cases, therefore, you cut out the old canes, which have remnants of flowers on them.

    If they're new, the summer ones will make canes this year which will fruit next year; you may get a small crop from the autumn ones this year.   Give them plenty of garden compost and leaf mould, and potash (such as wood ash) as they're forming flowers.

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    Raspberry cascade delight . Late summer fruiting , planted last month . First time growing . I take it I need to cut back ?

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    And bump  again ..

  • thankyou steve 309

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