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greenhouse advice needed please

Hello All,

Hoping that one or some of you can advise.

We have just ordered our 1st GH. The Alton is going to be sited in the old stable yard (no longer used), which is solid concrete i.e. no slabs etc. However where it will be sited there is a slight downhill slope (ideal for keeping a stable yard clean when swilling out).

Alton Evolution although wood comes with an aluminium base to keep the wood off the floor, but are we going to have to level off the slight slope? We wanted to utilise the slope as we are planning on having the door at that end so that we can clean out the floor. No gravel beds etc going in as we have other potting sheds that we can use. We aren't installing it that is being done by an installer, but I wanted the advice prior to us meeting them.  Thanks in advance


  • sand8sand8 Posts: 23

    Thanks Edd and that's a good point.


    Having never had GH, not had these considerations before as always just used outbuildings as potting sheds.Its all a very exciting learning curve.....bit like gardening really image

  • sand8sand8 Posts: 23

    Edd just looked at your picture  the watering cans on step is fabulous 

  • sand8sand8 Posts: 23

    GH coming on 20 march excitement grows. We ordered double row staging with it to go down one side, autovents etc. So have one long side completely clear plus the back end and under the staging plenty of room for stuff. Size 10'7 x 10'7

    Already have 2 potting sheds (one brick, one wood) so store all the compost etc in them & where last year did all my potting up..specially in the brick one as lovely and cool to work in as old stable block so ideal


    What would be your must have in a GH....? I have old deckchair, kettle, radio lined up..image.

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