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LONICERA tatarica

Hi, below is an image of this plant. I bought it the other day and have since been looking at websites for instructions on this plant. Most mention that it's invasive to woodlands and natural areas. Birds seem to eat the berries and then poop them all over the place; a bit like Cotoneaster. Most of the websites are North American so is this plant a pest in the uk? Photo below-






  • Hi,

    Was this plant one of the ones from the pound shop? Apologies if it wasn't, it's just that I had one from there with a very similar name, and it was the most boring plant ever! It grew well (bit too well actually), but other than that it did nothing. There may have been berries, but I don't recall any flowers. Think I left it in for three years, got fed up, & dug it up! My garden is too small for non-performers!

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,248

    Not particularly spectacular I agree, but better in the Dart's Red form.

    Never had any seedlings come up here either.

  • Yes, it was from hte dreaded Supermarket! Terrible really. So, it might be just an expensive way to make compost then? image Thanks

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