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echium pininana



  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,255

    I grew them in the south of England. They just grew in year one then flowered and died in year two.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • I have grown thease they always look scruffy in growth especially in the winter.

    I pot up some of the seedlings they produce and them keep them in a frost free greenhouse over winter,water sparingly then when the weather warms up at the start of spring harden them off and then plant in situ.

    The habit of the plant is one years growth and one years flowering then they die, but you should have some seedlings to plant up to get your next plants.

    Because after the first year your plants are in the ground for that winter be mindful where you plant, a somewhat sheltered sight is better.Make sure you also mulch for that winter.

  • Thank you Chrissie - that's exactly what these specimens are. A kind gardener gave me some seedlings he had potted on. Apart from his garden I have never seen them growing in north west - he opens it up for NGS every year.

  • It looks large enough to flower this year image

  • brewsterbrewster Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, I've just joined having just come in from the garden where my echium is showing signs of what looks like brown leaf spot - well large 'spots' about an inch or so across where the leaf then becomes very veyr thin. Where this is happening, the leaves are tending to curl over. It shares a pot wiht another plant at the moment and I'm wondering if this could be the problem or a virus of some sort? PS I live in 'balmy' north west London and even manage to grow bougainvillea, outside all year, so cold is not a big problem although we have ahd a lot of rain recently = haven't we all!!

    Just to add, I had the very same problem a while back with the bottom leaves of the echium going brown - but my brown leaf problem is something I have not seen before in this first or is it second year of growthas I was given the plant and am not sure of its age etc

  • Hello, 

    I've grown five monster plants from seed. in buckets with drainage. They're very healthy except for what looks like a virus on some leaves. I don't think that the photos have uploaded here. The virus consists of 2cm wide dark grey wiggly strips, three to five or so on some leaves. Does anyone know anything about it? If I remove those leaves I'll lose about half of them which could be too much going into autumn. Thanks,  Judith. 

  • Hello again! I've found the answer to my own question. It's a leaf miner moth. The treatment is to remove the affected leaves. Unfortunately I've been away for three weeks with friends watering the garden so I have plenty of leaves to get rid of! Judith. 

  • Another year trying to get my echiums through the winter- 3 are in the garden so hopefully will flower next year if they make it.

    I've got 20 plants in their first year that will be kept in pots in the cold greenhouse to be planted out next year.

  • Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 2,003
    I have a couple of seedling of this too...........they are very hairy and have brown spots on them.  Is that normal?
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,319
    I think they're too small to flower in 2019 , but they should in 2020.
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