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Hi everyone, im currently undertaking a powered garden tool project on univeristy, but i know nothing about gardening! I was wondering if you could all help. Are there any garden tasks which arent attended to well or you would like to see addressed? Are there any ideas for new tools you can think of? Thanks!


  • How about a heavy pot lifter George, one that can lift and move a large pot with plant to another area effortlessly and with precision, all this operated by one person and I don't mean a fork lift truck.  If one exists please let me know!

  • Hi there, thanks for the quick reply! Sounds like a good idea and I havent found anything similar after a quick browse. I would have gone with a forklift concept,but the tool needs to be hand operated. What about combining a grass trimmer casing with a forklift design?
  • What you need to think about is where in a domestic environment would it be needed most.  It could be up and down steps where people like to show pots, on patios (some aren't very big) from one side of the house to the other, possibly where there is no outside side entrance, could it lift any shape of pot and what size would it's max and min loading capacity be?  All these things are what gardeners face a lot of the time and on their own.  Plus it should not cost the earth.  I was thinking more along the line of Enviro-robolifter.  Now there is a challenge for you and your uni project.  Good Luck

  • Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it and it is definitely something i will consider. Are there aanyother ideas people may have?
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