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Cottage Garden - East Facing Border

Hi all, I recently moved house and have cleared a border in front of the house that is east facing. I would like to plant some cottage garden style plants but am unsure of what would grow well here? Any advice would be great. Also is there anything I should be planting/ starting to do now? Thanks in advance for your help. Sam


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    You wont get much sunlight there but there are plenty of plants that would like it.








    Japanese Anemones

    Im guessing some people will come along with more suggestions ^_^

  • great, thank you!

  • Hi image

    Not much you can do at the moment, sorry.

    Most seeds cant really be sown til the end of this month, and the ground is too hard to plant anything.

    You could add a mulch of compost etc to the border

    Matt has made some great suggetions, there really is a lot more choice than you think, go on crocus website, they have a fab search thingy which allows you to search buy how much sun a plant needs image
  • Ok cool, will check that out. Can't wait for the spring to arrive now!
  • soulboysoulboy Posts: 429

    I have an East-facing garden, slightly South-East. It does depend what is to either side of the garden, particularly the South side. If there are no obstructions, houses et al, your garden should get plenty of Morning sun and a little early afternoon sun.

    I grow a large variety of plants, some shrubs, but mostly flowering annuals. If your soil is good you should have no problem growing lots of different plants. The RHS 'Plant Finder is good because you search by aspect, or you can google east-facing plants.

    But don't restrict yourself to just this because many plants can grow in several aspects. Here are some examples of plants that thrive in my garden:

    Sunflowers, marigolds, calendula, tagetes, cosmos, phacelia, red clover, zinnias, asiatic lilies, irises, daffodils, crocuses, violas, honesuckle, roses, winter jasmine, anemones, cornflowers, snapdragons,alyssum, californian poppies, poppies, coreopsis, and many others.

    Here's a couple of pictures of my garden that I hope will give you some inspiration.





  • chickychicky Posts: 10,390

    Looks fantastic Soulboy - a riot of colourimage

  • soulboysoulboy Posts: 429

    Thanks a lot Chicky! The garden is only in its fifth year but it does me proud every year and is maturing well. I hope the OP sees my post so that he can see the possibilities of an East-facing garden.

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