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Talkback: It was a dark and stormy day...

Christopher Lloyds - The Well Tempered Gardener is a must


  • The Well tempered Garden is definitely a must, thank you. I don't know Katherine White's book but it looks well worth the hunt. Also try Better Gardening by Robin Lane-Fox (which, I think is out of print) and don't forget Kate Colquhoun's wonderful book about Joseph Paxton, A Thing in Disguise.
  • On Wednesday 5th December I was presented with no fewer than 12 yellow daffodils! Howzat for cheerfulness on grey December days?? They grew outdoors on the grounds of our local garden centre - no I didn't pick 'em! the owner of the garden centre is the President of our local Gardeners' Club and I was stepping down as Chairman, hence the presentation. They have been in a vase on the windowsill in my study since then and, sadly, I feel they have finally come to an end and I must bin them today.
  • Well, of course the Nichols books have those lovely Rex Whistler line drawings, but they don't make it a coffee table book, for pictures... How about Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto's "Dear Friend and Gardener"? Or Katherine White's "Onward and Upward in the Garden"?
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