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Is ok to prune my Fig Tree now

A lot of books say to prune fig trees in February when the tree is dormant. I need to do a very heavy prune as it has become quite overgrown for its space. But is it safe to do so now because it's very cold with danger of snow and frost?

Should I use the 1/3 rule with pruning my fig tree i.e. Remove no more than athird from the tree  and do the next prune next year?




  • I would keep to the 1/3 rule. Figs fruit on 2 year old wood so if you prune it hard you will lose all of this years developing fruit. If your space is limited carry out the 1/3 prune each year which will keep it under control.

  • P.S i would not prune whiole the weather is so cold, you can prune up until the end of Feb.

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