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Potato Growing Kit

I ordered the Potato Growing Kit which was advertised in the Jan GW Mag and it arrived today.
Inside it contains 5 Seed Potatoes of the Charlotte Variety along with some 8 Litre Bags to grow them in and some other bits and pieces.
This will be the first time I have grown potatoes and I went for the kit as I live in a rented house with a small garden, so I thought the fact they could be grown in bags on a patio area was a great idea. Anyway I shall stop waffling and get to the point.

Do I need to do anything to the Seed Potatoes before planting? All it says in the instructions is that they can be planted in the bags from mid feb or now in a frost free GH. I wanted to ask as I have heard about Chitting but it doesn't mention this in the instructions? Thanks for any help given!



  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    A lot of people you egg cartons for Chitting, you put you potatoes in the egg carton with the most eyes on the potatoes facing up if you know what I mean. then place in a cool light place.   

  • Thanks Perki.
    Just had a look at the Tubers and I can't actually see any 'eyes' on them.

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    I am not sure NGCARDS but you could chit them with the biggest end facing up image ,  I think that end has the most eyes on. I am not a big veg grower so dont take my word for it, someone on the allotments will have a better idea image

  • Thanks Rhod image

  • Even if you dont chit, they will still grow, they will be later and possibly not as productive. Best if you do, but dont stress over it image

    Did thw mag give you instructions on how to fill the bag? Spuds on top of a bit of soil at the bottom ,cover the spuds, then add enough compost to cover the leaves every week or so.

    Watering is the biggest thing, when they are in full growth, its difficult to give them too much water! Its such a thrill when you harvest them image
  • Sorry Rhod, hadnt spotted your link! Feel like a numpty now image
  • Thanks for your reply Bekkie, it didn't actually say how to fill them but I was planning on doing it like you said image

    Thanks for letting me know about covering the leaves as I didn't know about this.
    I will also have a go at chitting them. I'm looking forward to harvesting them already! lol

  • You made me feel better- thank youimage
  • Hi NG.First of all use an egg box or seed tray and place the spuds on them.If you look hard you will see there will be tiny signs of growth on them somewhere,put these bits at the top.Put the tray in a light frost free place until the growth has sprouted into nice at least inch long lengths.Put a good layer of compost in the bag.Lay the spuds in,growth upwards.cover with compost and water.As the leaves come through keep covering until the leaves are above the top of the bag,don't forget to water.When the eventual flowers die off and the foliage begins to fade enjoy your new potatoes.

    Good luck

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