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Living Wall

I would like to try and achieve a living wall but growbags will be used during the building of the Permacrib wall and then they will no longer be accessible.  Plants will therefore need to be able to live on very little long term - just regular feeding and watering.  The obvious choice is sedums and there are a variety of these but I would be looking to vary the range.   Any suggestions gratefully received.           


  • It would be nice to have some ferns different sorts like this wall


     I found on a google search

    Maybe some ivy and alpine plants.

    Not had a go at doing this just some thoughts I have.

    Picture looks go dont you think? Good use of space to go upwards.

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  • Are you intending to use growbags filled with peat-based compost or similar?  I'm doubtful about their suitability as if they dry out inadvertently it will be very difficult to get them to take up any moisture again image

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