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Before the winter I dug up all my pelargonium zonals and cut back the leaves for storage over the winter. I was wondering if anyone knows the optimum time to repot them inside the greenhouse for watering and feeding in preparation for summer flowering?


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 740
    Hi Edd funny you mention Sunderland I'm about 5miles away, didn't think we were that it was predictive text. ????

    I have some bedding pelargoniums which I was going to scrap so just moved them against a wall in late Autumn and they are still flowering! The large ones I wanted to keep got moved onto a table near a window in the garage, cut back, and left almost bone dry. Some smaller plants were moved into a cold greenhouse left dryish and have done OK despite minus temperatures. All will get repoted and treat kindly in mid March.
  • Thanks for taking the time ti reply guys, its been really helpful as im quite new to gardening, I will fill out ma profile now


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