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Freesia - how to get them to be more than an annual

I have tried Freesia bulbs a few times, getting their lovely scent in summer, but they never regrow. If I dig them up now they are still in one piece, some with new growth, but I get no shoots and never any new flowers. Is there a knack with Freesia?

They are in pots, free draining and rich, pretty much frost free conditions and warmest part of garden, so I would have thought ideal conditions.  Different suppliers of Freesia, so not same bulbs.


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    I know freesias are heat-treated before being packed, I guess its difficult to replicate at home.

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    Whoops, sorry about that. I had to re- register and I was just trying to see if everything was working.image

     I grow these lovely plants. I don't think you can use the same corms year after year. They have to be treated to a spell of cold weather. About  5C for them to flower. I believe this is called "vernalising", Garlic also has to have this. The corms you buy to flower in the Spring  have had this treatment. Just to make sure I put them in the fridge for a week before planting.  Technically, I think you have to plant the "cormlets" in compost and grow them on for a couple of years before using them as the old corm will die back. I have done this but it's a real pain. I find it easier to buy them each year. If you "Google" Fresias" you can get some expert advice.image


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