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Talkback: Out in the cold

Hello Jools. On your boggy bit of allotment I would leave well alone. Until late spring so it can dry out a bit. Add some manure. And grow some marrows there. When they have cropped.put some more compost down with some sand and grit. Dig it over and leave in clumps, so the air will dry it out.good luck.


  • I highly recommend growing veg in a cold frame!
    My garden is gravelled so I use one to grow all of my salad veg in. This is something I have just started doing this year and the first crop I grew and my husband and I ate, was wonderfull, because I grew it! And doesnt it taste better than the shop bought stuff!
  • Hi I have just aquired an allotement plot at my local park and I am estatic about it, I have had my plot a week!! it has been used for a horse paddock for the best part of 10 years, it is very, very, VERY boggy in one area, and I am not quite sure how to tackle that problem!!!!!!!!!
    But how exciting that I can at last start to grow things to eat. No time to loose, I am off to do a bit of digging!!!
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