Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Hello All

I'm considering purchasing a battery powered lawn mower for personal and business use.

Does anyone have any experience of them or advice to share?

How do they compare to petrol alternatives?

Any help is greatly appreciated.





  • TesniTesni Posts: 146

    I wouldn't recommend them for a really large lawn. Two charged batteries weren't enough to finish the job. Mine was a Bosch cordless. It would be fine for a small lawn though. I've switched to a petrol one now. 

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    Never used one but understand spare / replacement batteries can be very expensive.  Check the cost before you buy one.

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    If the business use is a gardening business you might find some lawns hard going. People who wait till it's all out of control then look for a gardener and you've got several inches to deal with

  • I've got the larger Bosch cordless with 2 batteries. It does two lawns and the orchard on one charge. It's great on long and wet grass and the grass box holds a lot. I think it's great, a corded electric mower wouldn't work in the orchard and petrol mowers are too much trouble. I am on my second set of batteries and they are expensive, but cheaper than buying a new mower. The first lot lasted about 5 years. I've replaced the blade once.

    I wouldn't use it for mowing the paddock but it's absolutely fine for lawns.

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    What size cut are those battery mowers please?

    I have a Wolf(I think) cordless strimmer, wont do the edges of the garden in one go, then not very good, cost well over £100.00 so I am put off by battery toys.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • There have been several mentions of 'lawns', 'medium lawns', 'really large lawns', a small area of rough grass and 'an orchard'. I've only used tiny mains electric mowers, so I've nothing to add that helps the OP, but perhaps some actual areas would help him/ her to decide.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice.
  • In my vast experience and opinion I would avoid any battery garden tools/toys. Battery power is short lasting and the battery itself is unlikley to last more than a couple of years. Better always to purchase good quality petrol tools, but even the cheap ones are far superior to anything using batteries.

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    In response to the previous post, my battery drill is fantastic. My battery hedge trimmer is brilliant. They are not toys, they are high quality tools with the advantage of cordless use which makes them faster and safer to use. Professional trades use cordless tools for good reason. And lithium batteries last a good time. Yes you do pay a lot to replace them, but I wonder how petrol costs compare? 

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    I Bought the Bosch ion battery mower last year with two batteries. £400 worth. It was pants - batteries ran out before finishing my 2 lawns - medium sized. Sent it back to Bosch - they said there was nothing wrong with it and not interested. Sent it back to Amazon - they refunded my money. Result. Bought a petrol Izzystart Honda. Brilliant.

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    Thanks again for all your advice
  • I recommend Black & Decker SPCM1936 Cordless Mower (see the reviews here). You can also choose the best from list top rated lawn mowers

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    I'm a bit worried that the B&D can blow up immediately! I think you mean start. image

  • Two weeks ago I wondered exactly the same thing and feel I should add my recent learnings. I have become annoyed with the maintenance petrol seems to always require and the time consuming chord electric lawnmowers use. So cordless seemed the perfect answer. I researched and researched. After reading detailed in-depth reviews, which there aren't many of. I would recommend as a fantastic resource, as this site has reviewed three models in depth and compared them against one another within their reviews. 

    Importantly I wanted power that wouldn't slow down as the battery discharged from use, which is referred to in the industry as fade-free. I found the Einhell Power X-Change GE-CM cordless lawnmower:

    It beats every petrol and electric lawnmower that I’ve ever owned. It’s light weight, easy to push, and lasts for over half an hour from its two batteries. Easily enough time to cut my 20 square meter lawn. There’s no maintenance, I just pop the batteries in and go. My wife previously didn’t ever mow the lawn, due to the nature of setup our previous mowers required. Since owning the Einhell, she now loves mowing the lawn! Not to sound sexist and it’s also a good and rather safe mower around children, as a key needs to be inserted to start it.

  • Yes, I mow in lines backwards and forwards. After I've finished I can see an evidently striped lawn. Looks very neat! The cut is brilliant!

  • Battery lawm mowers are quite Energy efficient. They are Extremely fast charging and always ready to use. With innovative grass combs for cutting close to the edge.

    You just need to push the start button on a cordless lawnmower and then the mower will cut your grass easily. To know more about battery mowers or if you are thinking to buy it online you can link on to image


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