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Birds at the tips of my fingers - almost!

I have a new bird feeder, and birds almost at the tips of my fingers!   I have hung a coconut shell outside the window next to my desk, and now I can sit at the computer and watch all the birds feeding.   They are no more than 5 feet away from me, and completely unconcerned.   It's wonderful!   So far I have had blue tits and great tits in abundance, together with a coal tit and a robin.   Very time consuming, but such a pleasure!


  • Sounds lovely - but you won't get much work done, now!

  • Ah, but you see, my only work is in the garden.   So inside or out, I can enjoy myself!   (Oh, forgot about the forbidden word, h*******k!)  

  • Now - there's no need to use words like that!!!! I'm the same - not too much in winter, but the minimum of h*******k gets done in spring and summer, so that I can spend my time outside.

  • I put half a coconut shell out at Xmas, and not had a single bird peck at it yet. I  wish I'd eaten the lot instead of just half! So you are lucky they like yours, unless it's filled with special bird food.

  • Diggingdoris, I make up a mix of lard, porridge oats (value price), sunflower hearts, ground up peanuts and whatever dried fruit I have available to fill the shells.   It's a bit of a rush replacing an empty shell with a full one, because I have two feeding stations but only four shells, and at the rate the birds are eating I am making up a new mix every day!

    More birds are coming all the time, I now have blackbirds and woodpeckers as well.   It is giving me great pleasure.  

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