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colour scheme

WillsWills Posts: 262

Hi Folks my question is what colour scheme are you planning for your garden this year i am going for White/ lemon & red  image .



  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    I am having a Hot border red/ orange / yellow with dark foliage and another pastel colours i think its called blue / pinks etc

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    Nice 1 Perki summer colours image Remember to wear gloves ha ha image

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    Verdun my limitation is space i have more fence than than anything else ,going more than 3 colours would be over the top, and other colours would clash .

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    I am using my colour scheme for my two small beds for the front garden they are probably only 8x5 beds. I might add the odd contrasting colour maybe a purple iris for the hot border but not made my mind up yet.   

    I have more of a mix in back garden.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,728

    wills. blue , yellow and white works for me, but I'm with Perki: I'm going HOT HOT HOT this year. ( if the knee sorts itself out ) image

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    Go for it Perki add the purple and see what happens , thats what growing plants is all about , when you look out the window it will make you smile image when you look round the back with the mix will make you smile it is a very long winter image  Verdun all annuals for me that way i can change my colour scheme every year my front is very narrow image

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    Hostafan1 go for it if your knee dosent hold out get your wife to do it & you supervise image

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    Hostafan what plants are you going to use? I am looking a Dahlias bishops - rubeckia - kniphofia - poppy- achillea - penstemon heleniums - Geum - Lily's - mina lobata for fence - crocosmia orange / possibly Lucifer - Canna maybe - monarda adam maybe. I got some black madres to mix in and been looking at japenese blood grass.  Might use calandula / marigolds other annuals to fill the spaces. 

    I  got a red climbing rose for fence and sambucus black lace for its foliage already plant.

    I dont want to many different plants, less is more sometimes image espically in a small bed so need to make my mind up image.


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