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Talkback: Ordering vegetable seeds

What are some of the best seed ordering sites for a potted veggie garden with delivery in the US? Thanks!


  • I would like to grow sweet potatoes, are they difficult to grow from seed?
  • After I've ordered by vegetable seeds, I then make a sowing/planting calendar so I know exactly what to do with my seeds and plants. It's so easy to enthusiastically order the seeds but forget to sow them.
  • I disagree with ordering the bulk of your seeds by mail order. Support your local garden centre. It gets you out of the house and keeps garden centres thriving. Order the seeds that they don't stock by mail order. And if they have a poor selection , tell them!!
  • I do a mixture of browsing seed catalogues and making lists, then taking an afternoon to visit the 3 or 4 local independent G Centres and buying what I can locally then ordering everything else online (there's often a bargain or freebie thrown in with online purchases). I then have my crop-rotation and vegetable layout planned and store all the seed to be sown in big envelopes for each month. How on earth do I have time for work?
  • I ordered my veg seeds on line from they specialize in old established varieties and are definitely anti GM and hybrids. Check out their website it is most interesting.
  • Hi can any one help me im going to help out at a school and get the children to grow their own veg but what can we pant or do this time of year. Much help needed Ian
  • Ian, at this time of year the thing to do is get the beds sorted. Our local school has beds raised about a foot which works well. I'd suggest you grow cherry tomatoes which you can atart as seed indoors in Feb and if we have a good summer should produce fruit before the summer holidays. I'd also grow french beans as they grow quickly and maybe squashes but only if someone will be able to water them in the summer.
  • I have found a good way to sow small seeds so that they are not bunched up in the rows. I use a sweetner container which can easily be opened and the seeds dropped in. Thus you can plant the seeds 1 inch 2 inches or whatever apart. This does not guarantee 1 seed with a click but it saves on seed and on thinning.Keep digging! Colin
  • When sewing seeds I would recommend not sowing them all at the same time. After the bad weather we suffered over the Easter holiday, I lost a few of my small plants which I'd put in my greenhouse (I live in the North East). As I'd only sewn a few seeds from each packet, I still had plenty left for a second sewing.
  • Don't give up on growing veg you will succeed. I have grown runner beans for many years, but having moved I don't have room so I have tried lettuce and salad leaves, and spring onions in containers with success so keep trying.
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