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Left handed tools

Does anyone know of a supplier of decent quality left handed garden tools. I am fed up of trying to use normal ones as they don't last very long because I miss use them.



  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,941

    Most tools are not L or R handed, but Felco do make L. handed secateurs.

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  • Alex10Alex10 Posts: 3

    I can buy kitchen peelers scissors etc so why not garden tools. ? I have a wide flower meadow but the handle on most scythes is wrong for me so I have to use an electric stRimmer which I hate. As a left handed user I put more pressure on tools with the left hand over the past 18 months I have broken 3 pairs of shears . Perhaps someone could do a thesis on the subject !

  • Alex10Alex10 Posts: 3

    Thank you I hope Gardeners World magazine might do an article one day.


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    We live in a right handed world Alex. 

    For instance doors handles are in the wrong place, try opening a door with your left I'm sure you have Alex ...doors should be hung the other way...image...left handed people adapt...I open doors now with my  right hand but I've had to all my life...   

    Most garden tools aren't L or R handed..forks, spades etc, those that are though, can be difficult to use as a left handed person uses right handed tools upside down.

    Me thinks GW doing an article on the subject would be interestingimage

    Sorry , can't help with left handed suppliers...I've always used right handed tools...

  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,534

    For instance doors handles are in the wrong place, try opening a door with your left I'm sure you have Alex ...doors should be hung the other way...image...left handed people adapt...I open doors now with my  right hand but I've had to all my life... 

    How can a door be hung the wrong way?

    In my house the internal doors mostly open inwards with the handle on the left but 2 have handles on the right.My front and back doors open inwards with the handle on the right.So I have a mixture but have never seen it as a problem.I am right-handed by the way!

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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,948

    I've got left handed Felco secateurs and they are definitely easier to use.  Not come across any other left handed garden tools.

    The comment about doors just seems odd.  From where I'm currently sitting I can see 4 doors, 2 hung on the right edge and 2 on the left.  How they are hung is dependent entirely on where they open into the room.

  • I'm lefthanded, but like Verdun , I can use both hands for most things. However my left is better for some things, like accuracy (writing, planting individual seeds) while my right is better for sensitivity (lambing sheep, feeling for weeds with trowel in left hand) and so on.

    I can understand about the secateurs, though personally just get on with it. I use right handed scissors too, in my left hand and not upsidedown. Yes, it's not quite as comfortable, but mostly it's not for long. As Zoomer says, you adapt. I do use left handed pinking shears for sewing though, as you need to be accurate down long seams and some fabrics are hard to cut.

    I can understand about the scythe, I think. Which way do you sweep? I hold the top of the handle with my left, and my right supplies the push lower down. If you sweep the other way round, then I can see it would take some getting used to. For me it isn't a problem. But you could get used to it. When I sprained my wrist  I had to write with my right hand. I was bad at first but got better with practice. Writing demands more complex muscle movement than scything. Your right arm would get used to it.

    But breaking shears - whatever are you doing with them? They aren't specifically right or left handed - I blunt mine often on tough grasses or trimming hedges, but have never broken them and mine are ancient.

    I have learned, through experience, that with many things, like sawing for instance, if it feels hard you are probably doing it wrong. |It often helps to stop struggling, loosen up and try again in a more relaxed way.  You shouldn't need that much pressure with either hand if you are using the correct tool for the job.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Prehaps the way doors are hung and the way they open wasn't a good example, I do use both hands to open doors but as a child would reach with my left as it seemed more natural.

    In some things we all adapt and opening doors could be one.

    I've never had difficulty driving as the hand break and gears are operated by my left hand. It can, at first, be awkward drivng a left hand drive though, as you use your right hand to operate them but it's just as awkward for right handed people, as I've found on trips to France. 

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,948

    The world is definitely, and not surprisingly, designed for righties as they are in the majority.  I like to think we lefties have quality over quantity image.

    I use a computer mouse with my left hand but haven't reversed the button as many lefties do.  That may be down to working in IT support for many years and having to move between computers a lot.  It would have been a real nuisance to have to change the mouse back and forth.

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