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I have an established pear tree - no idea of the variety, but it crops heavily with nice medium sized, squat fruit (makes wonderful pear jelly!).  I would like to plant a plum tree near to it and want to know how far away I should plant it.  Also, do plums need another tree to fertilize them?  The pear tree has been there at least 15 years and is about 12 feet tall.  

Another question is, would a quince tree be suitable to plant in the same area as a pear and a plum?

The pear tree is planted against a south facing wall (the wall is around 30 feet long) and is free standing - would this be the right place to plant a plum and a quince?

Apologies in advance for all my questions - but as a total novice I'm desperate to get things 'right' and not murder any of my plants.



  • Hi image

    Please dont apologise!

    I hope you can plant all of the above together because i have a plum and pear quite close together, not got a quince....yet!image. If you want to replant in the same spot its a good idea to dig in some muck etc, some of that miccrorhysal fungi wouldnt go amiss either image

    Its always best to have more than one of a type of fruit tree for pollination, even if its supposed to be self fertile, a good excuse to buy another if you ask meimage

    The only fruit trees in aware of that shouldnt be grown together are peaches and almonds image
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