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Your patient answers to my questions have been amazing - really helps this brand new gardener!

My OH wants me to use my gardening skills (which I have to admit are all in his head - don't think a few tomatoes and even fewer strawberries last year count as skills!) to grow grapes.  I think he imagines picking a large bunch of grapes and eating them whilst sitting in his deckchair.  The BIG problem is that I don't have a clue how to grow one!  I have a large, unheated greenhouse and a south facing wall.  Would it be possible to plant the grapevine in the greenhouse and grow it on the wall - or would it be better to have the whole plant in the greenhouse or outside against the wall?

Also, if I grow a grape vine in the greenhouse, will it completely shade the greenhouse or do you cut it back?

Please help!


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    I have a wine grapevine growing up and across the outside of my lounge, which gets the sun all day.

    I think you can plant it in the greenhouse or you can plant it outside but train it into the greenhouse through an empty panel.

    Monty Don grows his in a greenhouse and its trained around it. If last years GW is available on iplayer, it might help you make your decision.


  • Hi image

    You can grow it on the wall or in the green house, like Gardenmaiden said, you usually plant he vine outside and train it inside so the friut gets the best growing conditions. It can shade your greenhouse as they are shockingly vigorous when they get going, but pruning can sort that out, it is important to prune correctly from the start, its so much harder to try and sort one out once its got out of control! You will have to look up pruning as im afraid my grapevine is a big tangled mess! image

    Maybe your OH could take you on a wine tasting weekend to help you choose?image
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    You need to get the right variety for the situation - whether outside or inside.  Have a look here

    They really are very helpful and you can email them for advice.  I have no connection with them other than as a very satisfied customer.

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