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Hi, I have a small pond, about 10 years old and badly maintained. We are now wanting to re-develop, clean, new pump etc but the pond has water lily, huge leaves which grows so big that it come out of the pond and very health looking, beautiful white flowers. We don't really know what is maintaining it as we never have done anything to it. We are a bit scare of doing something that it will disturb the water lily. Any thoughts will be much appreciated.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I wouldn't worry about the water lily, they are tough and easily removed and sunk back into the pond.

    First thing is to drain it. When you've drained it you'll be able to lift the water lily out reasonably easily. It may be quite heavy if it's been there a long time, even so I've taken ones out 10+ years old and they come out.

    You'll have a deep layer of silt at the bottom, just be aware the roots can go into it, but even if they snap, it doesn't matter that much, they re establish very quickly. Growth comes from the crown and as long as you don't damage that it shouldn't be a problem.

    You don't say if your'e happy with re constructing the pond, but if you need advice on that come back to us.

  • The water lily will be fine if you take it out when you clean the pond. If the leaves come out of the water it sounds like it has got too big for the pond. When you do the clean etc divide the lily tuber and put a small piece back in the pond it will be fine. Just make sure you have a few leaf buds and roots on the bit you put back and it will grow away happily again. You don't mention if you have fish in the pond if so it is important to wait until the temperature warms up a bit. April or late March if it's mild at the very earliest. Also frogs & toads and other wildlife will cope better with disturbance in milder weather. So it may pay to wait a month or two. You could use that time to collect rain water in water butt or large containers to refill the pond. It will save from having to you household water and be better for the pond. If you have an existing pump check if its working it may just need cleaning too. A piece of hose attached to the pump is a good way to help empty the water from the pond to save having to bale it out.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,722

    From your description it seems that the lily is really too big for the pond.  2 options - take it out completely and replace with one which is smaller or remove it, cut out a couple of crowns and replant.  You may find you have to repeat the exercise every few years.

  • Hi All, I really appreciate your comments on the pond/water lily a bit later as I have been away. I will keep you update on the outcome and might come back to you for more tips. Many thanks Vilani

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