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Will my rose survive

We had a Tall rose that seemed to flower all year round, it was a bit unkempt but I just loved that it flowered all year. Anyway, it's been dug up. I've not had a chance to get out and look at it but if I re-plant it will it be ok or once it's been out for a couple of days is that it. And would this be a good time to chop it back or is totally the worst time and I'll traumatise it? Thanks for any help, I'm a real beginner!



  • Hi image

    It will be ok as far as being out of the ground goes, but you need to keep the roots covered with something, even soggy newspaper will do, the main thing is not to leave the roots open to the air.

    Ive never cut one back that hard, you would normally take out the oldest scabbyiest looking bit first, give the rest a trim, then take out another old bit next year, but that might just be me playing it safe! Im sure one of the experts will be along with more advice soon image

    If you can, i would reccomend getting some of that miccrorhysal fungi stuff to sprinkle on the roots when you replant, ive used it and find it very good image
  • LucyLLucyL Posts: 163

    I'm afraid i can't really help, but i am very curious on what the expert on here say, tho i had a rose that my dog decided to bite in half and pulled out of pot, and it was just begining to make a bud to flower...i was gutted to say the least, so i was sure it would then die, it looked like a chewed stick, bite barks all over it and parts were striped bare not a single leaf on it (i had only had it a couple of months) so i scooped it back into its pot roughly and left it in a corner of the garden put it to "Deal with later" and a couple weeks later when i went to deal with it i was amazed to see that it was alive and growing great, leaves growing all over it, so i took it back out of the corner - here's a pic of it


     So i think you're rose will be fine, aslong as its not been able to completely dry out or sit getting waterlogged. As for chopping it back...I choped mine back before the worst of the weather came... but like you i am a real beginner, so i maybe wrong. but thats what has happened to my rose and so far its surviving and i rekon i'l get a flower of it.

  • Roses are generally pretty tough, my OH and his dad knocked a wall down on one of mine once! But, its the same story as you LucyL, it came back better than ever image

    Most of my roses are still quite young, so i havent got any experience of pruning those big thick ones, i reckon it would be ok too, but would find it hard to take the risk! Im a wuss image
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,169

    Dug up by who? Dog? The sooner you get it replanted the better. Has it been exposed to frost? Some roses are hardier than others. If you can't replant it at the moment then plant it in a pot or a bag full of moist potting compost. Cut off the oldest, woodiest stems and weak growth and give it a trim, but not while it's frosty or snowy.

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