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Help needed on idea's

Hello all,

I have a large bed of heathers planted in my back minimalist garden, unfortunatley all are being killed off by my three dogs doing what comes naturally.

I'll need to replace all these but have no idea what with?

I'd like something thats low growing and preferably maintainance free, evergreen possibley something that flowers.

Any idea's please?


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,082
    jennifer clark wrote (see)

    I'll need to replace all these but have no idea what with?

    Budgerigars maybeimage

    Seriously though, could you make a fenced enclosure for the dogs, if you replace what you have now, whats to stop them peeing on a new lot of plants.

    You will need to leave the ground clean for a while before you replant.



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  • Thanks for your reply Lyn...Budgies would'nt be the answer ha! ha! as we already have loads of doves, canaries, and cockertiels!

    Neither would an enclosure work, we have two big Sharpei's and a little Shih Tzu (he's the boss)

    The tip on leaving the ground clean for a while is a help, I would have bought new plants of some sort and just planted them.

    Thanks again.....guess its back to the drawing board.

  • Not much will survive constant peeing im afraid, just look around any lamposts! Maybe a slope with the plants at the top so the worst of it runs off could help at least, not knowing what your garden is like or what plants you like, its difficult to advise, but what about one of those very rampant bamboos, but kept in its pot, and the pot buried? image
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