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Talkback: Rotten apples

Re Diana Mitchell's comment on Jan.4th.
I thought I was unique!! My oriental poppies were also flowering at Xmas, and I live in the "frozen "
north-east of Scotland. Surely we are experiencing definite signs of climate change. So much for the sceptics.


  • Here in the Scottish Borders we're in the middle of a wintry period of snow and ice and the birds are finding it tough to get enough to eat. Why not check out your apple store now and put out any damaged/ rotting ones for the birds. They won't mind the condition of the fruit.
  • i read your article on 'rotten apples' with some trepidation, having recently fractured my ankle and tibia on rotten apples/wet leaves whilst getting carried away with picking the glut of apples to make a dessert. no-one has been out to recover the apples collected and can only assume they are well and truly rotted.unfortunately i can't put a health warning on this innocent form of activity but perhaps a high profile celebrity like yourself can regularly remind those fruit pickers of the hazards that lay out there esp. at this time of year.
  • Poppies, poppies everywhere, but interestingly I have only one snowdrop!!

    As to slippery apples, the answer is to pick them promptly, or at least get them off the ground rapidly...on to the hedge or large bird table if you cannot eat them all, then there won't be any slippery-potential to slip on! Hope the ankle is feeling better though, you poor thing!

  • We too had a fantastic apple year. I saw a grey squirrel making his way through the apple trees, to realise a few minutes later he had gone to the topmost branches to retrieve a huge eating apple. He settled down at a branch junction and tucked into his booty. I think he'd been there before - they were the only apples we couldn't reach left!
  • Mmmm, I have a thing or two to say about squirrels this year......catch an up and coming blog from me in a while, they are enjjoying a population explosion chez moi!!
  • i feel so stupid i cant follow the instructions for pruning an apple tree, can anyone help
  • In 2006 we had our apples juiced and had the grand total of 60 bottles. Last year we did the same again and came home with 360 bottles. Wow! Was it a good year. There were still some for us to cook with and for the birds.
  • HELP. My apple trees produce fruit then drop off before they have a chance to ripen what am I doing wrong, they are espalier trees one eater and one bramley, this year will be there third year I am really hoping for some edible fruit this year
  • HELP. We recently moved into a new house with a lovely little garden but the apple tree in it seems to be covered in a fine white almost fluffy mildew. Does anyone know what it is and how to treat it?
  • Den & Liz, has your apple tree been pruned recently? I find my Cox apple gets fluffy mildew at pruning sites, but it goes away without any treatment. I'm sure Pippa will tell us what it is.
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