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Hi all,


I am a youth worker in Leicester I and we have been given £500 pounds. With the money i need 6 rise beds and topsoil.


I enjoy gardening but am not the best and I need help!


What things to grow and what time of the year ?   


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Cheap way of creating raised beds is with scaffold planks. Any reasonable builders merchant can supply them. Two planks tall 2m x1m. Topsoil by the ton is relatively cheap, but It will take 6+ tons to fill the beds. Pure topsoil in a raised bed I wouldn't advise as you need some grit/small stone in it to allow air in the soil.

    You'll need 18 inch wooden stakes and nails or screws to construct the beds. I prefer exterior screws myself. One in each corner, maybe one each side about halfway is often the case.

    As for planting, well what do you want to grow, veg/flowers or shrubs or a mixture of all three.

    If your'e planning to involve young people, then a mixture of annuals and easy growing veg would be best, they produce quick results, and can look very impressive.

    Get seed from Wilko, it's cheap and reliable. It doesn't matter what you pick, but it's good to involve any youngsters in the choosing of the seed. They then can see whats going to come up.

    Keep a length of scaffold board just over a metre long to lay across the beds. The whole idea behind raised beds is not compact the soil by walking on it.

    Seed sowing outside starts in March and can go on till September.

    Stagger sowings of quick growing veg for a continuous supply. Late sowings of flower seeds gives you a longer season of colour. Take care to feed the soil with a general purpose fertilizer, you won't know the fertility of the topsoil you'll be getting. Growmore is fine.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    I built raised beds with old pallets then faced them with decking on all sides and at the top. Cost less than £30. Top soil can be bought by the ton quite cheaply - try the local authority or builders yard.

  • Thanks all, i keep posting  up dates on the projectimage

  • I'm find it hard to find scaffolding  planks.

    Any ideas what to use??


  • I used decking boards from b&q to do mine but they are not "raised" raised, they're more functional to separate the beds at my allotment. 

    think we used 3 boards per bed- two whole ones and a whole one sawn in half for the ends 

  • I did get some free scaffolding planks from a scaffolding company.  Once the planks have become damaged the company seemed happy to pass them on.  I got them for a school garden and as you are working on a youth project,  and not for your own monetary gain, it must be worth a phone call to your local companies.  Of course, transport is necessary and we didn't have an available lorry, so we had to wait until the scaffold lorry was in the area before  we got them.

  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 Posts: 1,813

    Totally agree with Billie Bilton

    I had a similar experience

    When ever you see a scaffolding lorry ask them

    If they have BROKEN ones then its more convenient for them to give them to you off the lorry than take them back to their yard and have to store "unusuable " planks

    If you are a distance from home ask a local if you can just leave them in their garden then you can collect them later and you will "Make a New Friend " as well

    Tell them its for a good cause / project and they will give you some

    I did this over a period of a few weeks and got 4 

    Its a bit embarrassing walking home with a plank as you will get some interesting comments...........but thats life Paul

    You can buy them new but they are about £12.00 each

    You can transport them if you have a car with a roof rack

    If you dont ask  etc etc etc


    Everyone is just trying to be Happy.....So lets help Them.
  • Potatoes, shallots, onion sets, garlic, broad beans. Get a basic veg. growing book to help you.

    Runner beans up supports later are always good value.

    You can buy baby plants too to get you going. You will get failures, but we all do. Not everything works in the same year, because of weather etc.

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