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I have a five and a half acre plot in Ross-Shire Northern Scotland. Half an acre of which is overrun with a bamboo which is 8-10 feet tall, leaves 4 -6 inches long , many remaining on the plant throughout the winter.Thin woody stems. Very invasive. Name - sorry despite much searching through the RHS Bible and others I cannot identify.The area is very wet to the point of being boggy in places. However the overall plot soil type is sandy loam. The bamboo is overshaddowed by many fair size trees.
Any thoughts as to how I can rid myself of this beautiful, in moderation plant, a curse in the volume I have.


  • Please can someone tell me do cyclamens flower more than once in the same season, or are there meant to be a succession of flowers. Do you dead head them when the flowers go soggy? Or being up near the Peak District perhaps its too cold and exposed? Advice appreciated please as I am a novice gardener. Thanks
  • HELP!!!

    Can anyone tell me if it's too late for me to split the lovely pinks in my garden. The plant is huge and I want to split it into 6 for 7 smaller ones and plant around the garden. Is there an easy way to do this??
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