Gooseberries and grapes

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I have one gooseberry plant in a pot (last year was given it by a friend moving away, produced lots of berries and did really well), I also was given 2 grape plants too, which both grew but no fruit due to being neglected and not trained along something.

At the end of the year i cut everything in my garden back from Roses, Clematis, Honeysuckle, and grapes and Gooseberry, but i cut the gooseberry and grape down to a few cm's of the soil... Which i can see i'v taken too much off...

Will they regrow? I don't mind not having a harvest of either this year, but wondering if they will re grow or am i as well dumping them?

So this year i plan to plant all 3 along the neighbours garage wall, I have done a little research and it says to train them up using te Cordon System (the grapes) would the gooseberries work this way as well? Also the wall i have available faces NW instead of S/SW but it will still get a good bit of sunshine and shelter, will they still grow?

Thanks for any advice, Complete Novice here!


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    Thank you, Yes all plants awere healty before i gave them such a drematic haircut. Thanks for the tip about bonemeal, I will give them this to give them a help along.

  • Both are tough plants Lucy, i was shocked at how quickly grapes grow when they get going, it may be a blessing you cut it back hard as it will be easier to train as it grows image

    Ive only ever grown gooseberries in a goblet shape/bush, but as far as i know you can do what you want with them image
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    it depends if you cut the grape below any graft point, most are grafted onto a root stock in a similar way to fruit trees and roses, so if you've cut below that then you'll get the root stock and not the variety coming back.

    the gooseberry will take a few years to come back after such a big haircut, I tend to only trim this years growth back (removing one bit old growth a year)

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    Well They were all cut right back, probs only leaving 5cm above the soil. didnt leave any shoots or that. I Havent checked yet for any growth as hadnt expected any due to it being so cold etc, but will keep an eye on it, I do hope that i get growth on them both,

    If the pic uploads, this is the size the grapes were (on the left by the fence behind the red thing) and how far back i had cut them (on the right behind the yellow tub)


     This is also the size of the gooseberry bush (sorry not very good photo) its the one behindthe blue and yellow pot,





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    The grape won't show any signs of growth until quite late in the spring - even not until May in some cases, so be patient with it.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    ok i will be, thanks for all the advice everyone

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