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Tree suggestions

Hi, My daughter owns a flat that has an area around it that has long been tarmacked over. A decision has been made to cover some of it with gravel and plant in three trees after first digging out holes.

The trees will be about 15 feet away from the windows of the ground floor flats so nothing that will take too much light. It is on the north side of the building.

I had wondered about Japanese maple, one of the white barked birch (such as Ermans Birch) or maybe Sorbus (Rowan) if there is a reasonable small one - I'm thinking maybe 7 - 9 meters fully grown.

Any advice would be useful. Work starts next week.




  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    How about:

    Tibetan Cherry Trees give a wonderful reddish bark, cherry flowers in spring and summer and autumn foliage.

    Katsura tree - grows slowly, difference looking foliage, golden leaves in autumn and will not damage the tarmac.

    A Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. Just fantastic and slow growing.

    Birch and Rowan get too big too quickly. The Maple will not appreciate its shallow roots being underneath tarmac. So I suggest removing as much tarmac as possible.

  • How about  witch hazel blairs, or smaller lilacs? Just for some lovely scent too, which may be smelt from the flats as well?

    I love witch hazel, but no space for it in my teeny garden...

  • Hi Jess in the Garden and Blairs, I don't know what went wrong but I didn't receive a notification that I'd had any replies so missed your wonderful suggestions.

    I had to decide fairly quickly and have gone for Sorbus Eastern Promise that isn't too big and has the AGM so fingers crossed they'll be ok.

    Many thanks for your interest though.

    Regarding Witch Hazel, I always thought that the twisted variety was really untidy until a visit to Ireland showed me otherwise. At a B&B we stayed in they had a mature tree where they had pruned the lower branches up to about four feet from the ground. It was beautifully sculptural, didn't block the light and made a great place to hang lots of bird feeders. Fab!


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