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What is your favourite gardening book?

My favourite book by far is RHS Grow Your Own: Crops in Pots: with 30 step-by-step projects using vegetables, fruit and herbs (Royal Horticultural Society Grow Your Own) by Kay Maguire

It's perfect for me as I grow everything in containers image

What's yours?



  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,137

    Mine is another RHS book Step-by-Step Gardening Techniques. I picked it up for a £1 at a charity stall, it's full of really clear illustrations and instructions on just what to do when growing fruit and veg. image

  • Lots but have just got Myths and Misconceptions by Charles Dowding which makes very interesting reading

  • Can I name two? If I could only keep two, it would be the Hessayon paperback Vegetable and Herb Expert and the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,970

    Carol Klein's Grow your own Garden probably comes off the shelf for consultation most - it even has the muddy fingerprints to prove itimage.  Bit like the best recipes always have a few splashes onimageimage

    We did not inherit the earth from our grandparents.  We’re borrowing it from our children.
  • As well as the usual biology, plant biology, chemistry texts, I like:

    Seeds : ecology, biogeography, and evolution of dormancy and germination

    Carol C. Baskin, Jerr

    582.0333 Bas


    The encyclopedia of seeds : science, technology and uses

    edited by Michael Black, J. Derek Bew

    Ref 631.521 Bla


    Physiology of seeds : an introduction to the experimental study of seed and germination problems Crocker, William.

    582.0333 Cro


    Seeds : physiology of development and germination

    J. Derek Bewley and Michael Black.

    582.0333 Bew


    The germination of seeds

    A.M. Mayer and A. Poljakoff-Mayber.

    581.333 May


    Physiology and biochemistry of seeds in relation to germination

    J. D. Bewley, M. Black. Bewley, J. Derek, 1943-

    582.0333 Bew


    Recent advances in the development and germination of seeds

    edited by Raymond B. Taylorson. International Workshop on Seeds (3rd : 1989 : Williamsburg, Va.)

    571.862 Int


    Seeds : biology, development and ecology / edited by Steve W. Adkins, Sarah E. Ashmore, Sheldon

    631.521 Adk


    Seed to seed : seed saving techniques for the vegetable gardener

    by Suzanne Ashworth ; photogr Ashworth, Suzanne. 635.0421 Ash

     Soil science

    Hartemink, Alfred E. , 1964-  / edited by Alfred E. Hartemink, Alex B. McBratney and Robert E. White.


    Soils : genesis and geomorphology

    Schaetzl, Randall J., 1957-  / Randall J. Schaetzl and Sharon Anderson.

    Advanced techniques in soil microbiology

    Varma, A. (Ajit), 1939-  / Ajit Varma, Ralf Oelmüller (eds.).

  • Life: The Science of Biology (Purves et al)

    Chemistry The Central Science (Brown et al)

    Teach Yourself Geology


    That Seed to Seed one is listed in error.

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    The book on the left.... These are both Readers Digest Garden, Plant and Flower Encyclopedias, but the one on the left is borrowed from my mum and is the 1972 revision. It's spine is to pot, it has dirty marks where it's been well thumbed and is looking a bit tatty...and I love it. It's been my mums garden bible for longer than I've been on the planet! 



  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,137

    My Dad had the book on the left in the 70s Tootles image

  • I have both of those as well image I couldn't name just one favourite gardening book

  • FritillaryFritillary WiltshirePosts: 457

    I have quite a lot of reference books but for a  interesting read I like Cottage Garden Flowers by Margery Fish.

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