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Bare root canes

I have recently picked up some bare root cane raspberries, gooseberries and kiwi. I've also got two bare root plums. I've been keeping them in a cold room in the house. Is it worth trying to get them in the ground today while it is relatively mild or is it worth waiting until after next weeks cold snap. (Some of the gooseberries have started to show some leaves...)




  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Get them in now before it freezes. They can cope better with the cold in the ground rather than out of it. Give them a deep mulch to help protect them.

  • KC15KC15 Posts: 5

    B&Q are selling mulch (bark) at the moment, 400L for £20image I've heard it's good to put a 3" layer on top of your compost once potted.

  • A mulch with almost anything is a good idea image

    Most things are tougher than we give them credit for, some silly person (me) had forgotton her polka rasp canes were soaking, i left them there for weeks, the water must have frozen over a few times, until i noticed some leaves...oooops! So dont worry too muchimage
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