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Greenhouse cleaning

Will be washing out my greenhouse in the next week or 2.  Do folks use anything in particular to clean their greenhouses?   Is there anything that gets rid of germs and spores well or is it just soapy water?



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I use a weak solution of jeyes fluid. I've used weak bleach, and hot soapy water. They all do the job.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,131

    Is it glass or polycarbonate? I asked that question some time ago and was told not to use Jeyes fluid on polycarbonate, which is what I have. So I use washing up liquid. For the outside I use a spongy floor mop for the roof.

    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Infuse hot soapy water with a splash of bleach. I also use a steam cleaner to get into the nooks and crannies. 

    Hate it when the water dribbles down the sleeves!!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,131

    My GH is aluminium and polycarbonate.

    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • floraliesfloralies Posts: 2,586

    My greenhouse is also aluminium and polycarbonate, i just use washing up liquid in very hot water.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    I have wood and polycarbonate and use a mix of hot soapy water, bleach and Dettol. I also tend to throw in a little salt to kill algae and deter slugs.

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Oooh just remembered. A helpful soul on here told me about a candle to burn in the greenhouse after it's been cleaned that kills germs. Have seen them in the garden centre. The name escapes me. Am sure someone will know though....

  • Sulphur candle Tootles. You have to make sure you have no plants in there and have all the vents/doors closed. You can get them off Amazon. I have no personal experience of them but have had a look and was considering using one. Anyone any experience of them?

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Sulphur candles work as you do seem to get less mould. I have tried to burn incense in my GH every few days, just to experiment, and while it is still dampish I see less mould. Wonder if I have stumbled onto something? Not too keen on the smell and it sticks to everything in there.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I use anti- bacterial washing up liquid and poke into the difficult bits with a plastic plant marker, and use weak Jeyes fluid on the floor.

    I have used sulphur candles in the past but don't remember any significant improvement. I could be wrong but I think candles were often used rather than giving the GH a good fettle.    

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