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Talkback: How to plant a tree fern

Can I save my tree fern? We didn't protect it from frost last year and it looks like it's died. It wasn't very big when we bought it only about 2ft


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    The recommended method is to tie up the leaves and then wrap it with fleece and sacking. It depends on how harsh any frost you may have had has been.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,421

    I wonder how many of these plants have been ripped out of their native habitat to die in UK gardensimage

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • I would wait until it warms up and see if there is any green life..sometimes they look dead but may not necessarily the meantime fleece it up.with an infill of compost around it....end of this week the temps are going to be even lower.
  • shortshort Posts: 5

    Thank you for all your comments. Much appreciated, will let you know how it goes x


  • More of these are killed by protecting than frost!

    The crown needs to be kept damp at all times as that is the growing point. So saying that you protected it - has it been kept dry for months?

    To check if it has life then feel the crown - you should feel the knuckles of new growth.

    Remove all 'protection' unless temperatures are forecast below -4C.

    The fronds (they are not leaves) are hardy to -3C and the crown less than that but protecting the crown with overhead cover/fleece during the worst of the weather will help.

  • shortshort Posts: 5

    As I said, I didn't cover it at all last year blairs, but previously I tied the fronds and covered it with fleece during the coldest weather.

  • Is it in a pot or in the ground?

  • Mines in a large pot with a mixture of 50/50 bark to multi purpose, I feed it with chicken manure and intend to plant it this year with plenty of organic matter. Protected the crown last year with straw but haven't done anything to it this year as it is in sheltered position and thriving. Lots of green fronds still looking great

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