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Aubergine - too early

Hi all, I was sat trawling through my seed box, dreaming of spring, when I noticed that the instructions on my aubergines (Ivory variety) say then can been planted in January. This seems early? But, that said, I cannot wait to get growing again after the winter. I have 16 seeds so thought I might try a couple and see what happens. I have a propagator and a greenhouse. Any thoughts? Am I wasting my time? Thank you in advance. x


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,160

    Aubergines do need a long growing season and despite what it says's on the packet it could be a tab bit early yet and it depends where you live, I usually wait till the end of Feb begining of March. I'm in the NW though. I've a french variety this year and the packet says sow between January and April.    

  • Thank you Zoomer44! I am in sunny Dorset (!) so maybe I could be lucky? x

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    As Zoomer says they need a long ( and warm)growing season but when they've germinated they do grow, in my experience quite quickly, so dunno what you'd do with them if you get a cold spell. 

  • If you've got  a spare room you could put them on the windowsill in there. I'm in NW too and high up, so it is pointless trying to grow things like that outside. Even my greenhouse doesn't help much for things like aubergines, as the only place I could site it gets too much shade. Can't resist trying though, so grew some indoors  and got them to fruiting size in pots on a tray on windowsill. Hard  to keep up with all the watering though when things get really busy!

  • Thanks guys. After taking with you, I have potted just three in a propagator on the kitchen windowsill. I will plant 3 more next month and then the rest in March. That way I should have it covered! xx


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