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Planting a greengage now?

I've been pondering planting a new fruit tree in my front garden for a while. Yesterday at the garden centre, there was one, looking at me, just when it was on my mind. So I pondered, briefly, then bought it. My question, to those of you with more experience (and maybe self control) is, should I dig a hole and plant it now? The garden is cold but not solid, or is it better to leave the tree in its pot in a sheltered area of the garden?


Advice gratefully received. 


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,547

    Hello KirstyB2, If the ground isn't frozen you can plant it now. Dig a hole about twice the diameter or more of the pot and about twice the depth. Loosen the soil around the hole. Put in some nice garden compost if you have any or some bagged multipurpose mixed with garden soil if you haven't. If you have some fertiliser such as bone meal or something like that you can add a little to the loose soil. 

    If it looks as if it is going to need a stake to stop it from swaying around, put the stake in first.

    Take the tree out of its pot and gently tease the roots apart a bit so that they aren't going round and round in circles anymore. Put the tree in the hole next to the stake so that the soil level will end up at the same point on the stem as it was in the pot. Loosely attach the tree to the stake. Fill the hole in and firm the soil down around the tree with your foot. When all the soil is back around the tree, scrabble a little of the earth with a fork to allow water to easily enter the earth. Give it a good water and leave it alone.image

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  • Thanks pansyface that's excellent. I think it'll need the stake - strong winds forecast.


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