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What species of aloe is this?


I live in Italy and last summer, during a trip in the south of Italy, I found in a field some plants of aloe (I think that's Aloe!). When I came back home I put this plants in a vase on my balcony. The problem is I don't know what species of aloe are these one. Watching the different species on the web I suspect that these could be "Aloe secundiflora" but I'm not sure at all. Is there some expert of aloe plants that could help me?

I attach some photos of my Aloe











  • Sorry, ive got a couple, but no clue what they are called! Im hoping this will bump up your thread, so someone else who knows can help! image
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,000

    It looks like aloe vera arborescens - it's grown commercially in Italy and has naturalised in some places.  Was this a farmer's crop or was it growing wild? 

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  • I picked these in a olive grove and I think these grows wildly in that region of Italy.

  • The leaves of the Aloe arborescens seem to be more thin, long and of a darker green. But I'm not an expert..

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