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Vitapod heated proporgater

Vitapod heatedproporgator   Been reading up on this as my gh is unheated and no electric feed  so thought about putting seeds in it by the window In the garage in a heated proporgator they are very expensive are the worth it , any experiences? 


  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    I dont have a Vitapod i have a stewarts 2 be honest it depends who you are speaking to i have a lot of success with mine and start a lot of seeds in mine didint before and didint have  a lot of luck , i think it is up to you wether you  want to use 1 you have 2 clean the top every day mist the compost and when the seedlings appear follow the guidelines you have to decide the heat my advice would be put them at a couple of degrees lower than there highest temp when they appear turn them every day so they dont lean to 1 side when they are big enough pot on  image

  • Cheers wills that is helpful

  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 2,283

    I bought a Vitopod for this year, it's working really well. I looked back at my past experiences with cheaper propagators, many of which were disappointing and invested in the large Vitopod and lights.

    I don't regret the purchase at all, it's all quality stuff and the fact that it can be raised in successive levels makes it really versatile for all year use with a huge variety of seeds and cuttings.

    I've hardly had to mist at all and because it is large I don't get a lot of condensation, just a bit on the lids that doesn't need to be wiped off. Big thumbs up from me. image

  • As Gemma says, it pays to buy the best. Can't comment on the Vitapod personally, as I am still using my Dobies  propagator which is more than 25 years old! Once you have one you will find lots more things you are able to grow, so go for it. Mine is large too, and I use it for a large part of the year, for seeds, cuttings, to bring on young tender plants and even on occasion to rear ducklings!

  • Thanks everyone

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