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Dahlia tubers

Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

i noticed dahlia tubers being sold in packs in a local diy/ garden centre. I've never grown them before but saw them in a local national trust garden last summer. 


Do do these tubers have much success? Is this the more common way of buying them or are the for sale later in the year as potted plants?

Its the Landaff  ones that have caught my eye. (No surprise there I suppose)


thanks for for the advice. 



  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    yes very successful, i keep them dry and plant them up in greenhouse late feb - march. 

  • Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

    Righto, away to the store in the morn to stock up. If I don't have a greenhouse, can I plant the tubers out directly? When would be best?

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,452

    You can but they are prone to frost and rotting with the wet weather if they planted to early. it depends where you live, me living in the northwest would plant them out mid or late May. slug will enjoy the young shoots as well. dig in plenty of organic matter and i give them a bit of fish blood and bone with a high potassium feed a few weeks before flowering 

    I no expert on dahlias but there is quite a few very keen dahlia growers on the forum who will probably give you better advice

  • Cherry3Cherry3 Posts: 35

    Hallo Jesse,

    I have a frost free greenhouse & store my tubers in there in vermiculite---think you could do likewise if you have a frost free place. Last year In spring as they started showing signs of activity, I planted then up in pots--either singularly or 2/3 together depending on pot size. I also took off 1/2 side shoots & potted them up--separating them later when established---was really pleased with my display on my terrace--sheltered & in some sun. Good luck with yours.image

  • Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

    Ok, I suppose I can buy them now, store them in the garage in the cool. I would plan on putting them in pots in early May? I suppose I plant them into the ground when the show signs of growth then?



  • Cherry3Cherry3 Posts: 35

    Only when all possibilities of frost have passed---but yes--go buy & enjoy!

  • Try and buy the plumpest tubers with the tubers still firmly attached to the central stems. The new shoots will come from the base of the old stems but the old tuber is needed to get the plant going, although it will rot away over the year, and new tubers form. You should preferably get them potted up, or in trays, with barely moist compost or sand to get them going, and keep in a frost free place. They will need little or no light until the shoots start, then move into a well lit place. Depending when you have your last frosts, they are often not planted out (if shooting or young plants) until May or June, so don't get them going early if you have no suitable protected place to keep them in leaf.

  • Jesse2501Jesse2501 Posts: 152

    Thankso guys, can't wait to have my own this year. Thanks for all the advice

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    trillium2cv  is correct. Buy the firmest tubers as they will be the most prone to grow well. Storing them in a pot with compost is perfect, as they will get some moisture.

  • AshdaleAshdale Posts: 149

    I have quite a few dahlias and like to add to my stock each year.  I am a complete novice with them though and have been mostly muddling by.  I have left some in the ground with no frost protection this winter so expect I may have lost them this year with the frosts we have had.  I am in Suffolk btw.   I also have some in pots which have been in an unheated lean-to. I work full time so I don't always find the time to lift the tubers and store them properly.  should i water the pots while they are dormant or not?Sorry, prob a daft question to dahlia experts!image

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