Bosch AVR 1100 verticutter

Hi Guys & Girls, not sure if this is allowed as it may be deemed to be advertising, so mods please remove it if against forum rules.

Just wanted to post to say how pleased I am with this product, I bought mine secondhand a few weeks back, It's in like new condition with not a mark on it and was a very reasonable price,. My main intention was to use it for lawn dethatching as I do try to keep a nice lawn and hand raking and a bad back don't go hand in hand. I used it this afternoon to help pick up fallen leaves from the Lawn, to be honest it was still too wet and soggy to do this, but with an afternoon off and the prospect of poor weather again over the coming weekend I felt this was the best chance I would have to do this. I went over once with the petrol rotary mower but as the leaves were wet quite a few remained and became compacted into the lawn.

I decided to go over it again with the verticutter and am delighted with the results I achieved, I had it on its highest setting so the tines just brushed the soil surface and the results were great, all the stubborn compacted leaves were pulled out along with some thatch and the lawn surface was lightly opened up without the grass being damaged. It looked really neat and tidy when I had finished.  The downside is the that the collector box could be a bit bigger so it has to be emptied fairly regularly. If anyone is contemplating buying this product I would highly recommend it as a useful tool to have at hand. I have no affilliation with this product whatsoever just thought it may be helpful to another forum member.

Regards Norm


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I've never heard of this product, although I have several other Bosch products, and have found them all to be well made and reliable.

    The verticutter is a power lawn scarifier. We've often had threads on here asking about scarifying lawns, and trying to improve their condition.

    The Verticutter has 52 customer reviews on Amazon. Most customers, like yourself, thought the product was brilliant. As one customer says 'Stonking bit of kit'.

    To read more:

  • Also at the risk of incurring the wrath of the moderators..... I would say that (being a keen DIYer, as well as a gardener) I always buy Bosch tools whenever possible. Quality engineering, design and manufacture is guaranteed.

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