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Geranium rozanne



  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    Thanks Verdun.    I'd like more of it but I have such a small garden.

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    Mine have disappeared almost completely I am worried something has been at it 

    the RHS suggests these pests might get at them.  

    "Pests Can get vine weevil, capsid bug and sawflies

    Diseases May be affected by a downy mildew and powdery mildews"

    My beautiful Geranium Roxanne have gone.image


    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,354

    Disappeared for winter or disappeared during last summer?

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • LynLyn Posts: 23,067

    My Rozanne is showing no signs yet, but it will, some are later than others. No need to worry yet, have a look at the end of the month, if it warms up a bit.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    I will wait in hope for my "Roxannes". Most geraniums are pretty tough.

    I have a variety chosen for the shady dry border under my front window. Each year I take the hedge trimmer and take them down as low as I can. They seel to thrive on it.


    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • Even us experienced gardeners sometimes need a bit of reassurance when we're talking about precious plants, that's one of the reasons I like coming on here. I'm relieved to hear that it'll be a while yet before my Rozanne shows it's face again. I only got it last summer and most although not all, of my other Geraniums are showing at this stage. There's no reason for me to think anything is wrong with mine either. 

  • JIMMMYJIMMMY Posts: 241

    My Rozanne in tubs have just peeped through the soil, I had a quick  poke in the soil of those planted in the border, big fat buds just below the surface.

    Not a lot of perennials are showing any sign of life yet, still a bit early in the season for most!


    Keep the faith!

  • LandlubberLandlubber Posts: 396

    Probably late because of the coldimage

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    Sucess!  Resurgam Rozanne!  (Which I have been calling Roxanne for the last couple of years.)

    What I think was worrying me was that the rest of my various hardy Geraniums have never  lost their leaves at all in the winter particularly the lovely alpine varieties. 

    Thank you for the moral support.image

    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

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