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One of the cheap reduced price plants I bought recently is a euphorbia. The label gives no vareity so I assume it is an un-named seedling.

It has lovely pinky red, upright stems growing from a central crown,  terminal clusters of lemon yellow "flowers". The new leaves are just appearing and are grey green with a red edge. The height and spread are both given as 20-40 ins., it is about 15 ins tall at thent It is obviously hardy as it is in a pot outside and we have had a few very sharp frosts recently.

I have had a look in an old RHS A to Z of Garden Plants but it is not in there so I have decided to christen it Firewall. I am impatient to see how it fares when planted out in the open garden, its soil requirements are damp, well drained soil in sun. A contradiction in terms ? 


  • Thanks Edd. I will look it up.

  • Could be.

    I will have to wait for mine to grow on as the stems are not clear in the pic., and my flowers do not yet have the red collar. I shall be more than happy if it is the plant  I have.

  • Yes, it a euphorbia purpera commionly known as spurge

     Handy for ground cover in light or dappled shade

    Looks good when accompanied with varigated hostas

    When  cut it pours out a white latex substance that can be an irratant to the skin





  • Iam very allergic to even a very small amount of sap so please be careful with all Euphorbias.   Had to have all removed from my garden


  • I love euphorbias of all shapes and sizes - one of mine, Jimmy Platt, gives off the odour of fresh coffee in warm weather, but do watch out for the Spurge Hawk moth caterpillars - very pretty but can strip the plant quite quickly



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