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I live on a small holding on a hill in South Wales about 100 metres above sea level, we have an allotment as there is abundance of manure. We have grown strawberries, cane fruits, range of veg. I have a spot which I am keen to plant a fruit tree, however we are exposed as have views straight across Bristol Channel and exmoor, so we do get windy. Can anyone suggest any trees, maximum size say 8to10 ft?


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    Bramley apples are sturdy but they need to have another apple tree that flowers at the same time somewhere fairly nearby.

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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Why not grow on dwarf rootstock, it'll keep the trees small and harvest can be excellent with good management and care.

  • Liz CLiz C Posts: 2

    Thanks dave. can you recommend particular type of fruit. I was thinking of a fig tree, but do they not grow very large? No other fruit trees are nearby

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I don't think you can get a fig on dwarf rootstock. They do grow large, but I know some people grow them in large pots, the harvest is small obviously. Have a look at the fruit tree supplier, google them, and see what they are offering. Apples, pears and some other fruit is the usual fair, you can also try cordons and espaliers, step over apples are good in exposed locations, so you do have more than a few options.


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    My place is 960ft above, my dad says I could never grow fruit trees here, like the OP its always windy, what would anyone think about this, I would love fruit trees but as they are expensive, I dont want to waste money if they wont grow.

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    Hello , what about trying to grow a step over Apple & Pear tree as they are so low down , perhaps wont be affected so much by the wind?image

  • Your main problem is that any fruit trees will be open to having their flowers stripped off by the wind, no fruit.

    Would it be possible to erect a wind break of posts with very fine netting or the slatted plastic wind baffle that nurseries and GC use, That is very effective and if you only plan to have a couple of trees you would not need a large amount  to filter the wind?

    I had a slatted fence put up along part of my garden to act as a wind break and it is amazing the difference it made, but it was costly because it is 8ft high and heavy duty timber. On a windy day it is like stepping into an oasis of calm to walk into that area of the garden, that is where my fruit cage is and the bushes love it.

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