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Ideas for a modular 'Vertical Garden' ?

This year I intend on replacing the dilapidated "Waney" paper thin fence panels with some old scaffold boards (treated obviously) which should last indefinitely. Which got me thinking; these sturdy boards would support having things attached to them to grow smaller plants up the fence, e.g. those wall mounted storage bins you see in workshops:$T2eC16hHJGkFFm)k7Bv(BRuCkLB5I!~~60_12.JPG


Though possibly they might be a bit shallow. You'd have to cut the back plate up to spread it out a bit, but I like the idea of being able to plant stuff up then hang it from the fence.

Anyone tried anything similar, or are there more suitable containers available? image


  • OOh EDD - what a collectiion!  A couple of years back vertical gardens were all the rage and the plant companies were selling planting bags, a bit like vertical growbags made of that green plasticcy hessian stuff, to hang on your fence.  I had three and they worked a treat though like all "hanging baskets" took a lot of watering.  I have seen breeze blocks stacked with things like aubretia planted into the holes, and I have sempervivums planted into the holes in bricks.

    I think those storage bins would be great, especially if you could pick them up from a recycling place - but what about drainage? and you'd need plants suitable for dry places....

  • Yeah I know the look I want, just how to get to it (and cheaply). I'm all for "upcycling", but not sure what it is I'd need to upcycle. image

    The thing I'd like about the storage bins (just drill holes in the base for drainage) is once the season is over, you'd just empty them into the compost bin, and store them away for next year. No ugly metal hangers left on the fence through the winter.

    I tried one of those vertical growbags for some strawberries once, lasted one season then self destructed. image

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,360

    We have a fantastic living wall on the M&S in Norwich


     It's beautiful throughout the year.  I had a close look at it the other day - it seems to be made of lots of individual black plastic mesh pots slotted into a frame.  I'm sure it could be reproduced quite simply.

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